Something About Nils:
Post a significant quotation below (arranged in chronological order) and explain why you find it striking (limiting yourself to 2-3 sentences). Avoid the phrase "this quotation". Please make adjustments.

"My boys are growing up. For their sakes, I'll have to win back as much respect as possible here in town." (act 1, pg 64)
Although Krogsted may seem as an evil character exploiting Nora's weakness, he acts the way he does for survival. He has a family to support and a reputation to recover, and therefore must keep his job at the bank. For this reason, we can also understand Krogsted's motives and sympathize him for the misery he has undergone. -- Kate

"Let me ask you a question---why didn't you send the paper to your father?" (Act I, 66)
Krogstad wants to know why Nora committed the fraud, which shows that he isn't just a souless monster who enjoys threatening Nora and see her suffer. In fact I feel that he's more human than Torvald who in Act III clings on to the fraud Nora did but would not care a single bit about why Nora did it.-Linda

'But I'm telling you this: if I get shoved down a second time, you're going to keep me company" (1, 67)

Krogstad's bitterness is evident here whereby he desires revenge for what happened to him. He threatens to expose Nora if she does not follow his instructions and get his position at the bank back. It also gives the reader insight into his fear of being ostracized from society again and 'shoved down', having to make his way up.- Steph

"Even a bill collector, an ambulance chaser, a -- well. a type like me also has a little of what they call a heart, you know." (1, 86)
Krogstad may seem extremely ruthless at this point in the play as he threatens to ruin Nora's reputation however he has two young children to take care of. Now that he has basically lost his job he must do anything to help provide for his family. This foreshadows Krogstad's change in character later in the novel when he returns Nora's loan evidence papers to fix what he ruined. Deep down I think Krogstad is just a sensitive guy that would do anything to support his children. - Johanna

"Are you forgetting that I'll be in control then over your final reputation? good; now I've warned you. Don't do anything stupid." (Act 2 page 86)
significant because is shows Krogstad's ruthlessness and willingness to go to drastic measures in order to gain what he desires. The quotation also emphasizes the immoral personality that Krogstad possess and shows the power that Krogstad has over the Helmers.-Max

"Does your husband's love for you run so thin?" (Act 2, P.86)
Krogstad's sensitivity is shown; he sees things not just as how they seem to be. It builds up tension since it starts questioning audience about the love between Nora and Torvald. Besides, it also foreshadows the plot later on since the audience now have a trace of evidence that Torvald is not truly in love with Nora. -- Denise

“I want to get on in the world – and there’s where your husband can help me. For a year and a half I’ve kept myself clean of anything disreputable – all that time struggling with the worst conditions; but I was satisfied, working my way up step by step. Now I’ve been written right off, and I’m just not in the mood to come crawling back. I tell you, I want to move on. “(2, 88)
This quotation shows Krogstad’s motive for threatening Nora. Although Krogstad is depicted as a horrible person because he continues to let Nora suffer, but he actually just wants a place in the society. Torvald took his chance away and leads to Krogstad’s revenge: to demand for a higher position in the bank. - Christina

"When I lost you, it was as if all the solid ground dissolved from under my feet" (3, 95)
For the first time, Krogstad seemed like a normal human with a heart. When he reveals to Kristine how important she was to him, the audience sees a more loving and vulnerable side of Krogstad, which establishes contrast between his image in the previous two scenes.

"Life's taught me never to trust fine phrases" (3, 95)
Krogstad says this when Mrs. Linde comments on how she wants to start over and stay by his side. We can tell from the quotation that Krogstad is very skeptical of this "fine phrase" because he has been conned before by Linde, and it shows that even the antagonist is not as horrible as he is, and he has gone through a lot of pain and sorrow himself. -Chee Hong

"I'll stay here till Helmer comes down; i'll tell him to give me my letter again-that it only involves my dismissal-that he shouldn't read it" (3, 97)
Krogstad's statement here shows regret he feels for blackmailing Nora which can be seen by how he tries to take back his actions against her. This is further highlighted by the change in the depiction of Krogstad in Act 3 where he is shown as a much more pitiful person than the sudience first assumed. This is emphasized by the contrast in his demeanor when compared with his depiction in Act 1.-Henan

“Oh, if I only could take it all back” (Act III, 97)
After Krogstad is reunited with Kristine, we can see that Krogstad is not as cold-hearted as he had seemed in acts I and II. From the “oh” and the pause indicated by the comma afterwards, Krogstad really seems to regret his selfish actions revealing Nora’s forgery to Torvald. --Tammy

"I can't believe it; I've never been so happy" (Act 3, page 97)
Throughout the play, Krogstad seems like a ruthless person with purely objective motives to retain his job. However I believe that his love for Kristine serves to make him seem more human, a trait much better portrayed in the movie than the play.steph